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  • Dave Tester

Asking Your Customers for Google Reviews and Following Up [Podcast Episode 1]

Over 85% of prospects will go to your website before they call you or decide to move forward with your service. What do they look at? Reviews. I like the sweet spot of reviews where there are many five-star reviews, but not every single review is a five-star review. Having customer testimonials of how you’ve resolved or corrected a problem is also extremely valuable.

According to Google, 70% of consumers are willing to give feedback and reviews after receiving a service. That’s seven out of ten people who are willing to provide feedback or leave a review. The most common reason that people don't leave reviews is that no one asks them to. Some people don't want to bother the customers or be an annoyance when asking for reviews. I show why that's a fallacy.

I talk about getting your people to ask for those reviews by making a call. I’m also going to share actual calls and a script that you and your employees can use to get your customers to leave five-star reviews. This call is also crucial to find and correct problems to avoid getting negative reviews. It’s essential to get to the customer before they leave that one-star review. With this method, you can turn a negative into a positive.

Episode Highlights:

[04:18] An actual customer call that could have led to a negative review and an unhappy customer. 91% of customers who have a bad experience won't tell you.

[06:06] Good is the enemy of great. Customers will fill out surveys just to get rid of you. When a customer has an issue let them talk and say, "tell me more." Be fast, consistent, and deal with mistakes.

[11:07] Ask what customers would like to see improved upon. Listen with intent to understand, not intent to respond. It's important to follow up!

[12:45] Asking a customer for a five star review. Ask what they liked about your service or business. What would they tell people about you? Send a link to their email address.

[15:20] You don't have to do a lot of talking, just ask what they liked best. Ask to send a quick link for a review and what you can do better.

[17:21] Leaving a voice mail to follow up and ask for a review. This gives you an opportunity to call the customer back and see what you can do better. Clarify and ask for the review.

[19:00] The script: If you're better off, I added value. If not, I didn't add value. Tell people to subscribe and ask what you can do better. Let them know where they can get a hold of you.

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