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  • Dave Tester

Have You Forgotten Your Most Precious Resource?

In our 21st century lifestyle where everything moves at such a lightning-fast pace, it’s easy to forget one of our most precious resources as business leaders: Our client base.

You might think it goes without saying that we would put our clients first, but when was the last time that you reached out to a past client or customer that you haven’t done business with in a while?

When I was recently in Las Vegas with the team at Alderus Mortgage, this is exactly what we were discussing. I was training this group of highly successful realtors to remember that one of their most effective tools is to stay in regular, relevant contact with their client base. I’m not talking about a mass email blitz, but a real live, in-person phone call! Do you remember those? ;)

In this video I’m having the Alderus team do a little practicing of what a successful call back will sound like. Why? Because the leadership at Alderus understands that it takes this kind of proactive, grassroots effort to keep a team growing and thriving in today’s economy. I can help your business grow too. Contact me today.

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