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  • Dave Tester

If You Like What We Do Tell Others. If We Can Ever Do Anything Better Tell Me. [Podcast Episode 3]

I kick this show off with a recording of one of my biggest phone fears. What if somebody's mad at me? This one is hard to get over. No one wants the person on the other end of the line to sound angry. I go over methods to make calls the right way and sound like a sales professional not a telemarketer.

We also go through a call where I thank the customer, ask for a five star review, and use subtle methods to learn more. I also share a technique to get the customer’s email. I also talk about the importance of having a script and including if you like what we do tell others if we can ever do anything better tell me. I share valuable phone strategies that will help you or your team get five star reviews and create rapport with your customers.

Episode Highlights:

[01:01] A message from one of those people who are always angry.

[02:08] Value says, "if you are better off now than before you met me then I've given you value".

[02:36] 90% of the people who had a bad experience with our business, won't tell us. This is why we need to give them permission to tell us if they've had a bad experience.

[03:01] We want five star Google reviews, because 86% of our prospects go to our website to determine whether they like us before doing business.

[03:11] An example of telling a customer thank you and asking for a five star Google review. Always ask, how did you hear about us? Have a script as a guideline.

[07:15] 35% of your prospects are only concerned with price. 65% of your prospects are about value.

[08:39] Dialing Strangers has great information on leaving messages on cold calls. Email me to get it free!

[10:13] An example of how to leave a message on a voicemail. The customer returns the call with a complaint. I have a technician call him back to fix the issues. The goal is to get five star Google reviews and find out if anything bad has happened.

[12:40] A call where I was turned down on a review ask. Still say, thank you and make the customer feel valued.

[14:22] What keeps your team from being hesitant to make calls? Don't let angry customers get in your head.

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