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Is Green Eggs and Ham Really the Best Sales Book Ever?

If your team is having trouble following up on leads, selling the value of a first meeting or asking for the sale, you might want to refer them to the great sales Trainer, Dr. Seuss.

In the book, Green Eggs and Ham, Sam makes no less than 16 asks for the sale. Will you eat green eggs and ham? Every day 50% of sales people quit on a prospect after the first call or the first “no.” However, 80% of deals (or that “yes” that we all want to hear) come after the eighth touch.

I used to ask sales people and sales managers a question. “What are you doing between now (the first ask) and the time the prospect is deciding to buy (the eighth touch)?” I called that the “Green Eggs and Ham Line.” Then I went out and purchased the audio version of Green Eggs and Ham. Take note: It wasn't the 16th ask that got the deal. No, my sales friend. The prospect told Sam I am “no” to green eggs and ham 69 times!

So, it may be easy to ask for the sale 15 times. Here is the hard part. After the 69th “no,” can you make them ask for the 16th time? Sam I Am, I'm sure glad you asked me to eat green eggs and ham!

Yes, Green Eggs and Ham is the best sales book ever. Now, make sure your team goes out and listens to it this week.

Eighty percent of deals (or that “yes” that we all want to hear) come after the eighth touch.


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"The best experience in terms of training I have ever had.  I will definitely take action and start emulating his practices right away."

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