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  • Dave Tester

Is That Code For Go Away And Take Notes Please [Podcast Episode 5]

Have you ever wondered if someone's polite response was really code for just go away? That's what I'm talking about today in secrets for working the telephone. Is the prospect playing me or putting me off? I don't mind postponing the sale for the future, but I'm not crazy about being blown off.

As always, the mission of the show is to give you value. If you were better off after listening to this show than you were before, then think about giving us a five-star review. What you're reading and listening to will determine your wealth. The best way to network is to add value. This show will help you discover whether the sale is being postponed or put off indefinitely.

Episode Highlights:

[03:12] One of my favorite techniques on the telephone is to say I'm taking notes, "is that okay"? Being listened to and being loved are so close together most people can't tell the difference. Taking notes tells people that they are important.

[03:46] Listen with intent to understand, not intent to respond.

[04:21] A client call where the client was upset because the company who called her didn't take notes. She gave a lot of details and they were coming to an agreement, but the company didn't take notes and didn't have the ability to recall everything discussed.

[05:37] Just to make sure that we are on the same page, let me play back what I heard you say.

[08:57] One of the things the client will like best about your presentation is that you herd them and you took notes.

[11:25] Is that code for going away? If you get in the habit of saying this you'll find out who's not interested. Clean out the sales pipeline.

[14:02] Let the prospect convince you that they don't want the file closed.

[15:37] Get some version of a yes or no. There isn't an app that tells you when people want to buy.

[16:43] Follow your script. Should I shred your confidential notes and throw away the file?

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