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  • Dave Tester

Turning A One Star Google Review Into A No Review [Podcast Episode 7]

An easy way to increase sales is to get the right phone strategies down. That’s what we do, and I’m going to show you some techniques where you can do the same. When you get a customer call and ask how they heard about you, many will answer Google. Some people are just searching for someone to do the work at the lowest price, but 65% are looking for value. They determine value by reviews.

I’m going to talk about why we ask how'd you hear about us? I’m also going to share some examples of how to get that dreaded one-star Google review removed. I also show you how to ask for a review and deal with an angry customer. I share a technique to use when you don’t know the answer to a question and show practical examples of these techniques on actual customer calls.

Episode Highlights:

[03:42] 65% of customers want value. That means they're not only concerned with price, they went to Google and read our reviews.

[04:23] How would you recommend us? I'll send you a link to leave us a review. How'd you hear about us? A great example of this.

[06:20] You can increase sales by following the book or taking my training.

[07:16] People want to give reviews. You just have to ask them.

[07:49] A snippet of an unhappy customer. When somebody asks you a question, say "great question you must be asking for a reason."

[10:02] It's about facts and not feelings. Would you be willing to give us a chance to make a second impression? Repeat back the irritants. I understand, and I am listening and I am taking notes.

[12:21] It's all about tone and tempo. That's why I say that I'm listening and that I'm taking notes. Most people want to be heard so break down the issues word for word.

[15:11] What would you have liked to have seen happen? Make it a coaching moment.

[15:43] Calling a gentleman who gave a one-star Google review and asking him to take it off.

[16:34] We try our best, but don't always do our best. What do you think should have happened? Will you give us a second chance? I appreciate the feedback, would you be willing to take the review off? I'll give you a free oil change.

[20:17] They're not mad at you. Listen with the intent to understand. What would you like to see happen? Would you be willing to? We try our best, we don't always do our best.

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