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Training and Development

From Customer Service to Sales, the performance of your team matters.

Dave Tester's approach to improving performance includes training and development to help you understand personality types so that you—and everyone working with you–can communicate effectively and create exceptional customer relationships that positively impact sales.

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Sales Performance Coaching

Open to close. Discover Dave’s simple steps to turn your casual conversations into leads...and, then, turn those leads into customers. Dave's approach to sales performance includes helping you understand personality types so that you—and everyone working with you—can communicate effectively and create exceptional customer relationships.

​Proven results.  Sales Performance Coaching builds individual skills and guides team behaviors so that sales opportunities are integrated seamlessly into the customer experience—catapulting sales goals to their highest levels.

  • Raise your ability to recognize sales opportunities

  • Leverage new insight about personality types to expedite sales solutions—faster

  • Increase sale conversion rates 

  • Remove real and perceived barriers to sales success  

  • Grow workplace accountability 

  • Acquire higher revenue for your business

Phone Training

Inbound. Outbound. Every phone call counts.

Dave’s famous training goal is simple and direct--your business will make more money when you master the art of using the phone.  Discover the secret that savvy business owners never take for granted—the human voice is your most critical sales asset and the entire world is just a phone call away.  

From dialing strangers to answering the routine call, every member of your team can be trained to communicate with clarity and confidence about your products, services, and business.  Easier said than done?  Dave's unique phone training method is demonstrated in a real-time live format. Learn how to save important sales opportunities that needlessly slip away on incoming and outgoing phone calls.  

  • Capture details from voicemails to enhance marketing success

  • Optimize call-capture technology 

  • Perfect the art of the follow-up call

  • Add one step to customer service to fire-up sales performance

  • Refine cross-selling techniques 

  • Drive up outcomes for appointment setting 

Customer Intelligence Reporting

Listening to your customers means a better bottom line. Dave builds a relevant bridge between customer intelligence and smart decisions for the future of your business.

Through a series of journalist-style interviews, Dave collects descriptive, specific, and useful information directly from your client base.  Then, he helps you strategically use real customer insight to increase sales, improve customer service performance, raise quality levels, coach employees, repair relationships, and improve company-wide communications.   

Truly knowing what your customers think about your business means your business can grow and prosper.  

  • Acquire in-depth interviews and testimonials

  • Improve cold call and cold email conversion rates

  • Turn around trouble spots in your customer service 

  • Create deeper and more effective customer relationships 

  • Inspire disgruntled customers to give your business a second chance 

  • Increase targeting precision by understanding customer context


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