Are you Sending Real Thank You Notes or Emails?

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Here's the bad news. According to Lob Direct Mail Marketing, less than 20 percent of the emails you are sending are getting opened.
People like getting personal mail in a physical mailbox. It is easy to just think about the junk mail and bills in your mailbox, but think about the positive instead. Every day I go to the mailbox, and I read about 80 percent of the mail. I spend about 30 minutes at this task, and most people do the same.
Here's where you can take advantage of the numbers. On average, we get one piece of personal mail every three months. A newsletter, a thank you note, or a card would fall into this category. According to 70 percent of the people surveyed, an email is not considered “personal.” Mail sent via the post office into a physical box is the gold standard. Imagine if you would challenge yourself for one month to write a thank you card a day (Go ahead and take the weekend off). You will be shocked at the positive results!
Mail sent via the post office into a physical box is the gold standard.
Are you sending a monthly newsletter? If you are, great job! If you are not, I would encourage you to start.
If you are not using a newsletter or thank you notes, let me know. I'll help you “kick your own butt,” in the words of Jeffery Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling. I'll send you a copy of my newsletter and one of my thank you cards with a photo. My friends at create outstanding personalized cards.
If you're sending emails only, you are not going to win. A combination of personal, physical mail and email is a winning combination. If you don't believe me, just try it for a month.
P.S. I'm serious. If you want to receive my newsletter or a personalized card, just reach out and ask.