Training and Development

Let Dave take your team on an unprecedented journey to a place where fearless communication becomes the standard in your organization. From sales to customer service, the performance of your team impacts your bottom line every time they pick up the phone. Drawing upon his decades of experience as a sports broadcaster, Dave’s down-to-earth tools will lead your employees on a transformative journey that will replace fear with confidence.

Outbound Calling Jump Start

We All Need an Occasional Recharge. Does it feel like your outbound team is struggling to keep up in the rapidly changing landscape of today’s economy? You’re not alone. Dave’s 10-Module Jumpstart will help ground your team in the practical skills they need to navigate and succeed in any economy. Dave believes that the telephone is still one of the most relevant tools in business today, and his decades of experience make him one of the leading cold callers in America. Fast-paced and engaging, Dave will train up your team in all things outbound. Dave equips and inspires with his home-grown approach to such topics as warming up for the call, the pattern interrupt, and the secret of the area code. Each video module is jam-packed with concise, hands-on skills that can put the home run back into your team’s outbound calling game!

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Dialing Strangers

Proven Results. Based on Dave’s popular book, Dialing Strangers, this 12-module series covers every essential for making successful sales calls: From how to get past the gatekeeper to leaving voicemails that get returned, Dave will help your team overcome their fears on the phone to sell with confidence! Each of the twelve modules contains three video training courses, providing your team with nearly an entire year’s worth of premium training content for one incredible price!

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Fearless Communication

Every Phone Call Counts. Dave’s famous training goal is simple and direct--your business will make more money when your team masters the art of using the phone.  Discover the secret that savvy business owners never take for granted—the human voice is your most critical asset, and the entire world is just a phone call away.  

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