Jon Carson Consulting is a sales performance and strategic growth company led by executive coach Dave Tester and creative director Claudia Weathermon. Dave offers individuals, departments, and entire companies the hands-on, custom training to drive sales revenue to its highest level. Claudia directs a curated team of specialists to provide custom, behind-the-scenes expertise tailored to each client. 

Jon Carson Consulting serves quality-focused companies with high-demand customer service needs. Industries include healthcare, education, HVAC, dental, technology, finance, construction, and nonprofit.

Dave Tester
Claudia Weathermon

The secret to Dave Tester's coaching success comes from his extensive background in sports journalism. Across his on-air broadcast career, Dave has served as a sports anchor for the likes of Fox TV Sports, ESPN, CNN, ABC, and CBS where he won multiple awards for his unique brand of storytelling and gripping play-by-play calls.


Dave's skill for communicating a brand's strategy is a proven game changer in the field of sales. In the last decade, Tester has sharpened his natural talent as an entrepreneur. He has owned or operated nearly 25 radio stations, personally training and coaching employees to unprecedented levels--transforming struggling companies into market leaders. 

A dedicated student of the great trainers and the author of six books himself, Dave Tester has developed a tried and true system for networking and deal making that positively changes how companies sell products and services.

Claudia Weathermon loves to help emerging brands design and share their success stories.  Whether its producing events or crafting strategic public relations campaigns, Claudia brings creative clarity to clients by using the expertise gained from her extensive career as an award-winning  broadcast journalist, corporate communications director, and HR professional. 

A natural team builder, Claudia works hand in hand with Dave Tester to define benchmarks, identify tactics, and find custom ways to bring business plans to life. 

Resources include videography, website development, SEO, social media content, advertising design and production, media buying, graphic design, writing, special event producing, on-line hiring campaigns, speech writing, media management, and research and sourcing for special services.