Energize Your Team for Success on the Phone!

The How-To Guide for Inbound Sales Teams

What’s the point of investing thousands of dollars to build a business if your front desk team loses customers at “Hello”? Don’t let your leads and customers run away--it’s time to fix the leaky bucket of phone service and first impressions once and for all. 

The first step is easy. Following the scripts and tools outlined in this book, your team members will be able to easily communicate with any prospect or customer on the phone, book appointments that stick, get five-star reviews from customers, and handle any situation with confidence. The methods detailed here set up your team members to win.

Far too many customers, leads, and prospects are draining out the holes in the bottom of your bucket. We can help you fix the leaky bucket.

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Overcoming Your Hangups & Producing Cold Calls That Sell

The Ultimate Guide for Outbound Sales Teams

Afraid of being rejected? Discover sales techniques that help you consistently close more appointments and business than your competition. Dialing Strangers provides the professional sales training you need to launch every sales opportunity with unshakable confidence and deliberate care. As a sales mentor known to his fans for making live sales calls during his in-person or virtual training sessions, Dave has created a winning strategy to safeguard you and your team against rejection and motivate you to become a sales superstar. This fun and concise guide examines the most intimidating first steps of making a sale, removing both the mystery and anxiety from the often-hated cold call. An expert at the art of cold calling, Dave helps you understand how to take control of every conversation and build a solid reputation with your target market. Highly recommended for anyone in sales, this guide is easy to understand, but even easier to implement.

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