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Speaking to Groups

Conference Keynotes

"You do NOT want to be the speaker who goes to the podium after Dave Tester!"  

Dave is a storytelling pro with an energy that's so powerful you can't look away. Fast-paced and engaging, Dave delivers info-tainment that is at once informative and entertaining, as well as perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your audience. That's because Dave does his homework about your group so he can offer a customized presentation relevant to your attendees.  He sets the tone and tempo for your entire event.     

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Signature Workshops

Dave increases your ability to drive sales revenue to its highest level. You can choose an array of topics custom-blended to meet the needs of your team. 

  • The 5 Secrets Prospects Tell You
    Without Saying A Word 

  • Master The Follow-up Call in 3 Simple Steps

  • After the Beep: Leaving A Voicemail that Works 

  • Conquering Complaints 

  • Overcoming The Top Ten Objections 

  • Let's Do Lunch: Improving the Bottom line By Making Business Meals Matter

  • The Four Secret Signals to Every Good Buy 

  • The Six Steps to a Better Elevator Pitch 

Group Facilitations

"Dave has a skillful way of making sure that all voices are heard...and that a consensus result is achieved."

Whether its goal-setting, problem identifying or process improvement, Dave Tester uses decades of journalistic interviewing to lead your team through an outcome-based process. 

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