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Fearless Communication Details

  • Module 1: DISC and the Platinum Rule
  • Module 2: The Appointment-Getter That Sticks Like Glue
  • Module 3: The Director of First Impressions
  • Module 4: How to Get a Five-Star Google Review
  • Module 5: The Volcano Theory
  • Module 6: Listen for DISC
  • Module 7: Leaving Voicemails That Get Returned
  • Module 8: The Follow-Up Call
  • Module 9: Delivering Bad News
  • Module 10: The “What-if” Conundrum
  • Module 11: Dave’s Secret Sauce


Drawing from Dave’s newest book, Fearless Communication, this 12-module series addresses everything your team will need to maximize inbound customer service calls. From making a proper first impression to learning how to get five-star Google reviews, every member of your team can be trained to communicate with clarity and confidence about your products, services, and mission. Each of the twelve modules contains three video training courses that provide an entire year’s worth of premium training content for your team. Fearless Communication is a one-stop customer service experience that will train your inbound team to:

  • Optimize call-capture technology 
  • Learn the art of delivering bad news to clients
  • Tools to successfully defuse upset customers
  • Refine cross-selling techniques 
  •  Drive up outcomes for appointment setting