The Platinum Rule of Communication

A big shout out to my friends at Leonard Animal Clinic and Town & Country Veterinary Clinic! What an amazing privilege it was to spend time with you all at The Star—the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters in Frisco, Texas!
This incredible team of professionals is working hard to maximize every call that comes into and out of their clinics, and they’re doing it with simple tools that all of us can begin to implement. Really, we just have to remember that our potential clients and customers like to talk to people that are like themselves!
· Is the caller a Dominant personality? I need to help them see how this is a win!
· Is the caller an Influencer? Make them feel loved and take time to bond with them!
· How about a Steady? Provide options and choices for their consideration.
· Is the caller a Compliant personality? It’s best to stick with the facts rather than feelings.
Don’t ever forget my Platinum Rule: Treat people how they WANT to be treated.
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