Turf War

strategic growth
The Blue Turf of Boise State University is quickly gaining on potatoes as the most famous symbol of our great state. It’s all because someone took a chance and decided to be different. When the blue turf was installed in the mid-'80s, the cost was around $500,000. The mindset was, "If I’m going to invest $500,000 in my business and no one knows I did, what good is it?" My son Carson, who is pictured above, found black, blue, green and red turf fields visiting stadiums around the West with me a few years back.
What are you doing in your business to be a game changer?
This leads me to ask, "What are you doing in your business to be a game changer?" Taking a risk is difficult because it could cost your job. Most are not willing to take that chance. But always remember, someone who decided to change the color of the turf from green to blue managed to come up with one of the best-known marketing devices in college football. Make a commitment to find your Blue Turf today!
Here are some quick ways to boost your creativity:
1. Start a Mastermind Group (Google Ben Franklin and Junto )
2. Purchase the book Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko
3. Drive a different way to work for each day of the week. It forces you to think creatively.
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